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Electric Vehicles in Last-Mile Delivery – A collaboration meant to succeed

The mobility market has been indifferent to embracing and adapting to the evolution of technology. While the concept of electric vehicles has seen multi-fold growth and expansion, the other delivery options are getting collaborated or are planning to achieve a successful combination in near time soon.

Electric Vehicles in Last-Mile Delivery | Jugnoo.io

With significant growth in the market and a spike in electric vehicle demand among the customers, the experts believe that in the near time soon, this is going to be one of the biggest transitions to be witnessed.  Here is a small write-up that throws light on the possible advantages of a successful collaboration of last-mile delivery operations and electric vehicles. 

What is a last-mile delivery?

Before we discuss embracement and evolution, let us talk about what last-mile delivery actually means. When an order is shipped from the origin and is delivered to the actual destination, the whole journey is called a fulfillment process. The final mile; where the delivery reaches its end-user is called last-mile delivery.

Popularly known as the final leg of delivery, the last mile is one of the deciding factors of any operations in command. Hence, it is considered an important part of the shipment process.

Electric Vehicles: Reasons to count on them for last-mile delivery

After the disruption of the on-demand culture of ride-hailing, Uber has been leading the market with grace and excellence. However, going one step ahead in the race, electric vehicles are all set to enter and make a smart place in the market. 

In this section, we are going to discuss the reasons why electric vehicles have all the capabilities to conquer the ride-hailing market and achieve last-mile delivery excellence. Read them and let us know your thoughts on them. 

Lower Running Costs

As compared to fuel-based vehicles, the overall operational cost of the electric vehicle is low. The cost of charging an electric vehicle is roughly 40% less than the cost of petrol/diesel for a similar-sized vehicle traveling the same distance. Charging your EV with your solar PV system or at free charging points will save you money.

It helps in keeping a check on the budget of the cost and how to optimize it for more growth and success. 

Last-mile delivery is a costly affair. It is important to make sure that all the associated processes are limited by the cost. It will help in bringing the required edge over the competition. The electric vehicles do the same and allow the team/brands to run their operations at a lower cost. 

Lesser Maintenance Required

In addition to the operational cost, the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is also limited. As compared to the standard vehicles, the electric vehicles are intended to make sure that they are associated with low/less maintenance.

A battery electric vehicle (BEV) has fewer moving components than a petrol or diesel vehicle. Compared to a petrol or diesel car, servicing is comparatively simple, less frequent, and overall less expensive. All electric vehicle batteries deteriorate (become less efficient). For about eight years, most car manufacturers guarantee that electric vehicle batteries will not degrade below a specified level.

This is a smart advantage of allowing the vehicles to have greater battery life and yield better productivity.

If you have been into the delivery business, you must be aware of the heavy use of vehicles for the operations needed. Electric vehicles can be used again and again without worrying about their maintenance and service. This can be a smart way to help the brands make a strong comeback in the competition with an increased volume of deliveries without worrying about the cost quotient for maintaining and keeping a check over the vehicle. Hence, you can think of upgrading your fleet collection with electric vehicles. 

No more stress of fuel price hikes

You ask any fleet owner about his biggest nightmares in the industry. He will talk about the unprecedented and uncontrolled hike in petrol prices. The petrol prices are on a higher verge and are becoming a matter of concern for the business providers.

Electric Vehicles in Last-Mile Delivery | Jugnoo.io

And no one can guess or predict the next rise of the prices? In these situations, the processes become a costly affair for all the stakeholders. So, what’s next? Choosing an electric vehicle that can help in making sure that fuel consumption is not at all required to continue the delivery- can serve the purpose. Hence, while choosing the fleet collection, make sure that you choose to opt for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can be of great advantage to businesses and can help in saving costs.  

Easy to drive

Another big advantage of choosing electric vehicles as the delivery partner to obtain precise last-mile excellence is that these vehicles are good to go for every driver. Electric vehicles have no gears and are extremely easy to drive. There are only three buttons to operate: accelerate, brake, and steer. Simply plug your vehicle into a home or public charger when you need to charge it.

If we talk about the standard vehicles, they lack in creating ease for the drivers. However, electric vehicles can be handled easily and flawlessly because of their added ease and built design. 

Easy to park

Finding a proper parking slot can be tough and challenging at the same time. All thanks to the high traffic volumes with the limited spaces. On the other hand, if you choose to go ahead with electric vehicles, you can easily park and get the delivery done in real-time. 

Hard to believe? It’s true. The build and shape of the vehicles make it easier for them to park and get things done easily. Choose wisely to make your last-mile delivery operations smooth and seamlessly. 

More storage options

Electric vehicles come with more storage options. Based on your delivery business requirements, you might need to own a separate storage option in the vehicles used for delivery.

Electric Vehicles in Last-Mile Delivery | Jugnoo.io

Any vehicle that comes with handy storage options is a great addition to your fleet collection. The electric vehicles have in-built storage capacity and are known to be a better option for the delivery providers who have been struggling hard to club various orders in one route. The EV is known to solve the problem and make better use of them. 

Healthy for environment 

Lastly, these EV vehicles are environmental-friendly and can be chosen to add sustainability quotients to your existing operations. Brands are struggling hard to maintain the balance and scale their operations without interfering with the environmental factors. 

To know more about how we can do this and how the addition of electric vehicles could be a smart addition to your delivery business, feel free to get connected with our team and get your answers sorted in one place. 

Help your business to grow and bring sustainability to the environment with better growth and expansion with the latest tech. 

Future Road Ahead 

Are you into the delivery business and have been trying hard to save on cost and make better use of the technology. It’s time to get calibrated with tech and have them integrated well into your existing business. 

The road of the future is smooth and needs to be explored before making things happen for your business. Choosing a smart tech provider which can help in making last-mile delivery prominent for you is a great win to cut down your operational costs and make things easier and cost-friendly for your delivery business. To know more about it and explore the underlying opportunities, make sure you connect with the industry’s leading solution providers.

Choosing Jugnoo – One step solution for last-mile delivery

Jugnoo is your one-stop solution to meet and comply with your business-specific requirements. We are industry experts who are known to deliver nothing less than perfection. 

With years of experience in providing tech requirements to various mobility industry verticals, we are proud to state that we have been doing well in meeting our customers’ dynamic expectations. 

Do you have anything in mind and feel like it can be addressed well with tech solutions- feel free to connect with our software experts and make things move in smart directions. 

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