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Better and Stronger Rideshare Software to Get You Going in 2022

Ridesharing is a vehicle service that connects drivers or car owners who have empty seats with people looking for local transportation. It is a system in which passengers communicate with drivers via mobile apps or booking websites. With a carpool and rideshare app, the rider and the driver heading to the same final destination can be mapped, reducing the travel cost and pollution. In a layman’s language, it is a type of vehicle sharing in which people share their cars with co-travelers. If you want to start a carpool & sharing business, then only top-notch rideshare software can help you with that.

Rideshare software | Jugnoo

But do you know how rapidly the ride-sharing industry has been growing in these recent years? Increased population and urbanization around the world, particularly in larger cities, have resulted in increased road traffic, and the demand for comfortable transportation has never been greater.

Here are some figures from the ride-sharing sector that might interest you:

  • The ride-sharing industry is worth an estimated $61 billion.  
  • About 25% of the entire US population uses ride-sharing at least once a month. 
  • The ride-sharing market value is projected to reach an estimated $220 billion by 2025. 

Now the question is, how to kickstart a robust carpooling and rideshare business when its demand is soaring high among travelers? The answer to this question is a powerful and feature-rich Rideshare Software that offers you user-friendly and affordable white-label apps along with an admin dashboard so that you get a bird’s eye view of your business.

How does Rideshare Software Help You Start with Rideshare Apps?

Rideshare apps have two-sided platforms that match drivers/car-owners with passengers. There is also an admin role for the business operators who manage and see the platform operations. A smart rideshare software is solely responsible for providing you with user-friendly rider and driver apps along with an admin dashboard that will help you get going with a successful venture in the coming years. 

Best Rideshare software | Jugnoo

To start using the rideshare app service, every user, whether a rider or a driver, needs to go through the following steps:

  1. Register

Before offering a pool ride, the drivers need to add their vehicle and get the documents and vehicle documents verified. This will be a mandatory step to offer a ride. Creating a profile with valid credentials is mandatory for the passengers as well. Rideshare software like Jugnoo provides the feature to add and get the documents verified by the users.

  1. Rides & Carpool Request

Passengers can create a ride request and check the available ride options for the route by entering pick up and drop location, time, and fare amount. As soon as it is done, the system will start searching for nearby drivers. Jugnoo’s advanced rideshare software offers your customers the convenience of quick ride booking in a matter of seconds.

  1. Match

Once the request is sent to the ride provider for approval, he/she can accept or decline it. If the ride is approved, the user will be notified through the notification and during the ride user can share the OTP with the rider provider or self-check-in by clicking on the self-check-in option. You know which rideshare software to rely on for these convenient features!

  1. Ride

Once the ride is started, the user can track the ride from the application and can checkout at the end of the ride. The driver follows the app’s navigation system to reach the drop-off point and then can end the ride from the application itself.

  1. Checkout

After the ride ends, the ride provider can check the total amount that needs to be collected from the user. The user can either choose to pay with cash on arrival or make a cashless payment through the integrated payment channels in advance.

  1. Rate & Review

Upon trip completion, the driver can provide feedback to each user who took the ride. In the same way, the users can also provide their feedback on the feedback screen in the passenger application.

Rideshare software rate & review | Jugnoo

Now that you know that rideshare software provides you with separate customer and driver apps, you should also know how this whole system is supported? The whole process is strongly supported and monitored by a third party through the admin panel. Below we have discussed thoroughly the apps and the admin panel features you should be aware of.

What Does Rideshare Software Offer You?

As discussed above, rideshare software offers you a customer app, a driver app and an admin panel. So let’s look into the key features of each in detail.

Customer App Key Features

Jugnoo Rideshare software provides you with a fully customizable and affordable white-label customer app. Have your own brand logo and colors that speak of your business and help you stand out the competitors. 

1) Quick and Easy Bookings

Users can check the available ride options for the route by entering pick up and drop location, time, and fare amount. This helps them book rides conveniently as per their choice directly through the app.

2) Select Preferences

This is an advanced feature that our rideshare software offers to business owners. The users can set their preferences like route match preference, gender, music, age group, vaccination status, pets, and smoking.

3) Relay Rides 

This is yet another smart feature offered by Jugnoo that allows your customer to match with the two pool providers with a hop interval. This means, that if your user is not able to find a direct pool to their desired destination (let’s say point C), then the relay ride feature will offer 2 pool providers who will drop them from point A to point B and finally to their destination – point C. The user will be notified about the hop and the time gap between both rides.

4) Edit or Cancel the Ride

If pool providers cancel the ride or reschedule the ride, the user will be notified of the changes. The user then will have the option to edit the ride or cancel the ride or place a request again.

5) Alerts & Notifications

This feature enables real-time alerts and updates about the vehicle information, pick-up time, estimated arrival time, payment status, and so on.

Driver App Key Features

Stuffing your driver app with a bunch of basic and advanced features is crucial to making your business a successful venture. Our rideshare software offers you a smart driver app that helps them earn and complete the rides hassle-free.

1) Offer Pool Rides

Drivers can conveniently offer pool rides by entering the pickup location, drop location, vehicle details, no. of seats available, date & time of journey.

2) Add and Select Vehicles

Drivers can add multiple vehicles in the driver app along with the apt vehicle details. They can then select from available vehicles that they have added before while offering the ride.

3) Offer Fare Amount

Jugnoo rideshare software allows drivers to offer the fare amount they are willing to charge the riders for picking and dropping them through our intuitive driver app. 

4) Schedule Recurring Rides

Carpool drivers will have the option to schedule recurring rides for the same pickup and drop location daily from my rides after creating a ride from the offer pool option.

5) Eco meter

Drivers will be able to check the Eco meter on how much gas and co2 they have reduced. Eco meter of how much fuel will be saved be will be shown in the driver app.

Admin Panel Key Features

An admin dashboard is a major hub for managing and monitoring the platform’s operations. Thus, rideshare software should provide you with a strong admin panel that helps in maintaining a safe community inside the application.

1) Bird’s Eye View

Our powerful admin dashboard provides a map view to the admins which shows all live rides with pickup/drop location. Admins can monitor ongoing and scheduled rides, ride providers’ details, passengers’ details who have onboarded, etc.

2) Promotions and Coupons

Promotions can be created from the Admin Panel to give monetary benefits to the Users for the Rides. It can be set city-wise. Coupons can also be provided to a specific set of customers.

Our admin panel allows you to set a discount type as flat or percentage, whichever suits you, set the maximum number of customers who can avail of it, per-day limit, and per-user limit.

3) Carpool Preferences

Admin can define both user and driver preference from the admin panel. There are multiple sets of preferences that the admin can enable or disable.

4) Document Verification

Admin can approve the user vehicle documents from the admin panel like vehicle registration, insurance, profile photo, National id, and other vehicle-specific documents.

5) Dynamic Pricing

Admins can allow rider providers to offer tiered pricing structures according to the vehicles & enable the owner to change pricing as per the demand.

Choosing Jugnoo as the Best Rideshare Software for your Business

#1 Rideshare software | Jugnoo

Given all the above, you would conclude that creating a ridesharing app is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, especially when it comes to fully-featured apps. But when you join your hands with the right tech partner like Jugnoo which has the feature-rich platform to offer you; you know you’re going to feel this process is a cakewalk! We have a complete stack of basic features and advanced features to give your mobility business the push it lacks. So what are you waiting for?

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