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Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 – Jugnoo

Uber clone is an on-demand and popular taxi booking software that has helped many taxi-hailing businesses to shape their future and maintain their profitability in the market. It not only supports the comfort of the customers but also helps in driving a fair amount of revenue for your ride-hailing business. 

Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 - Jugnoo

In this article, we are going to unwrap the essential features of the uber clone script in 2022 and what all features make them rank top among all available in the market. 

The norms of Uber Clone Script 

Replacing the traditional buy and sell business model, the on-demand ride-hailing business has revolutionised the startup club for the betterment of all. Keeping a strong and narrow focus on the drivers and customers, Uber has opened new doors of opportunities for all. 

Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 - Jugnoo

While knowing about the best uber clone script, here are a few prerequisites that should be available in it. 

Let’s walk through those important features. 

Must-have Features in the Driver App

Here are the enlisted features of a driver app that are mandatory to mark a clone app as the best Uber script clone app. 

  1. Submit and showcase the vehicle details

It is necessary to have complete information about the vehicle and a copy of original documents should be enlisted in the app. This feature helps in adding authenticity and validation about the vehicle details. It not only helps in adding a trust value about the driver and vehicle among the customers but also plays a vital role in ensuring that the admin is able to track down the vehicle at the time of requirement. 

  1. Deciding the payout method

For a uber clone script to rule in 2022, it is important to have the cash and stripe payment module available in the app. When we talk about the uber clone script, the main focus is to add comfort and convenience to the process. This can be easily achievable if we choose to have an uber clone script that includes both the payment methods. The customer can have a diversity of choices to pick the best out of the available.

  1. Availability of currency and language 

Another must-to-have feature is the complete integration of multi-currency and embedment of five languages inside the app. If you are here to keep an eye on the best uber clone script in 2022, it is important to choose the options that have flexible availability of currency and language in it. 

  1. A separate section of trips 

An app that holds a separate section for all the trips is always a hit among the users. For an uber clone script to rank on the top, it is necessary to have a separate section for completed trips as well as a separate section for upcoming trips. This can add more clarity and diversion to the drivers. They can have a separate section to go through their trip record also. 

  1. Earning modes

So, when you choose to go ahead with an uber clone script for a driver’s app, it is important to introduce a certain level of transparency in their earning mode. With transparency, there should be certain privacy that can only be accessed by the drivers.

  1. Enabling the availability of the driver 

Again, if you choose to go for the best uber clone script 2022, it is important for the app to have the provision of enabling and disabling the icon as per the availability of the driver. It helps in creating a different window as per the availability and preference of the driver. Doesn’t it give the feeling of being your own boss?

  1. Route navigation

To make sure you choose the best uber clone script for 2022, it is important to possess an app that has the ability to choose the navigation and route as per the demand. It is a smart way to keep your route informed to the navigators. It also helps in advising the best route available and how the route can be optimised for optimum use. 

Must-have Features in the Customer App 

In the above section, we have gone through the must-have features in the driver app. Now, let’s have a section that is dedicated to the comfort and convenience of the customers. Below are the must-have features for customer apps. 

  1. Book a trip instantly

To begin with, there should be an app that directly connects with the customer’s ease. The app should have a provision to allow the customers to book or change the trip instantly.

Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 - Jugnoo

The geolocation access that a customer offers to the app, will help in locating the pinpoint location of the customers and offer them on-demand ride-hailing services at their comfortable place. 

2. Adding multiple payment channels

To add more comfort to the customers while using your app, it is important to own multiple payment channels embedded in it. The customers should have an equal take on either choosing a platform to initiate the payment or going for cashless payment. This is an added comfort that will help in defining the first level of must-have features in your uber clone script for 2022. 

3. Live Tracking

This is a dual feature that is always required for on-demand ride-hailing services. The live location tracking is equally important for the customers to get a brief idea about how far is the vehicle and in which direction the vehicle is present at the moment.

Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 - Jugnoo

Similar to the customers section, there is a provision of having this live tracking feature in the drivers app. The live tracking helps in offering an exact ETA for the location and gives the opportunity to inform customers about the same. 

4. Cancelling the trip

To make sure that the customers have the provision of cancelling the trip in case of any requirement, the best uber clone script 2022 gives the complete privilege. The uber clone script should have the ability to cancel it. However, there might be some cancellation charges to accommodate the cost but it is a smart way to make sure that both driver and customer can save their time and cost. 

5. Provision of sharing feedback and reviews 

Another feature in the list is to leave feedback or review about the ride to the drivers. It helps in ensuring that customers stay connected to your services. It also gives the chance to make sure that you are able to locate the top performers and low performers in the team.

Best Uber Clone Script in 2022 - Jugnoo

From observing the fleet to identifying the good performers, you have a lot to do with the feedback and reviews of the trip. Use it consciously to make informed decisions about the business. 

If an uber clone script has all these exclusive features in it, it is undoubtedly one of the best uber clone scripts for 2022. Getting the information about all the features before choosing them, makes it easier for your business to get success and fame in less span of time. 

Choosing Jugnoo for getting the Best Uber Clone Script!

Undoubtedly, there are so many options available in the market that offer you the uber clone script. But if you are looking for an option that can solve all your problems and give you complete customisation to deliver the desired outputs, Jugnoo is your one-stop destination to get the results.


Choosing Jugnoo as one of the best Uber Clone scripts of 2022 is the right way to get the right technology and support to launch your ride-hailing business.

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