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8 business podcasts you should not miss

Starting up with a business idea is a smart way to go ahead and expand your venture with growing economic opportunities. In this article, we have curated a few of the great business podcasts that you should listen to and get guidance on. It will help in building a smooth entrepreneurial journey with countable ideas to think upon. 

business podcasts you should not miss- Jugnoo.io

Do you know that out of 10, almost 9 startups fail? It happens because a lot of startups fail to meet the threshold. If you can learn from anyone else’s mistakes, it is most likely that you will be able to build a strong and clear path for your growth. 

When you have a chance to learn and get advice from the experience holders, then why not? It is advised to listen to these mentioned podcasts and take the best output from everywhere. 

Why should you listen to podcasts?

As we have mentioned earlier also, these podcasts will help in making you learn from the past mistakes done by other entrepreneurs. It also helps you to make informed decisions about how to deal with pressure and stay calm in worst-case scenarios. In short, it helps you to learn from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes.  

Another reason to go ahead with listening to these podcasts is that it helps in making sure that you get valuable advice from the experts at the right time to stay on the right path. 

Sounds interesting! Here is a list of the top 8 business podcasts that you should not miss and learn from their experiences. 

Business podcasts that you should not miss at all!

Marketing podcasts are meant to help businesses to grow and scale from where they are. If you are in any process of going beyond and far from where you have started, listening to these podcasts is a sure thing to get started with.

We have curated the top 8 business podcasts that will help to make your entrepreneurial journey smooth and scalable. Let us get started. 

Y Combinator Podcast

This is a very unique business podcast that is entirely focused on startups. It not only shares valuable insights with the listeners but also extends its capabilities to help startups to raise funds. 

They are truly known to offer end-to-end guidance on funding, building, financing, and working relationships in a startup. Smartly covering all the intricacies of a startup, the Y podcast is a great deed to get your shoes rolled on. You can expect expertise speaking on practical points covering ground-level struggles and strategies to overcome them. All in all, if you stay connected with Y podcasts, you can learn how to visualize and make your concepts get transition into a running business theme. 

Feel free to get enrolled in this podcast, if you are a tech lover and want to keep yourself updated and upgraded with the right set of knowledge. 

Masters of Scale

The next on the list is Masters of Scale. Founded by Reid Hoffman, this podcast can share valuable insights and thoughts on how to craft a great balance between growth and opportunities.

Every idea is scalable if you as an entrepreneur have strategies and vision to make it move. The key takeaways from the podcast are to stay focused, agile, and flexible with your business moves. It is important to stay grounded if you dream of reaching the sky. 

If you too wish to master and scale in your business, feel free to listen to what experts say in “Masters of Scale”.  


A business podcast that plays a vital role in helping the baby startups to gain momentum in the market. The show entirely focuses on highlighting what a startup actually looks like.

StartUp is a documentary series about entrepreneurial life. The show has been downloaded tens of millions of times since its launch in 2014. 

It talks about ground-level expectations from the startups and experts’ advice on how to win them. If you are looking for a vulnerable and honest approach to making your business successful, get yourself enrolled in this podcast. The interesting part is that you can even listen it on Spotify.

From learning how to create an interesting investor pitch to ensuring that you stay focused on your business goals, there is a lot that a startup needs to handle. It is always a never ended task and gives more clarity about the processes and the outcomes. Listening to and following this podcast can help in earning more money and gaining momentum in the market. 

The Ground up Show

The Ground Up Show is an inspirational podcast for the people who are struggling hard to keep themselves intact. It helps in developing a personal front as well as a professional front in an individual. Started by one of the successful people – Matt D’Avella, the podcast showcases a series of interviews where the entrepreneurs speak about the deep topics such as self-care, respecting an individual, and staying gentle with yourself.


A person, who is struggling with work-life balance should definitely give a try to the podcast. As the name suggests, this podcast helps in ensuring that an individual stays grounded with his thoughts and actions, while taking care of his dreams. 

a16z Podcast

Produced by the Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, Andreesen Horowitz, the a16z Podcast is known to offer highlights over a wide range of business ideas. The focus is to complement and create a good reputation for the business speakers among the inspiring entrepreneurs. 

The podcast focused on tech, biosciences, crypto-currencies, and many more. If you are looking for a smart business podcast, it is indeed worthy of your all attention.

The Design of Business | The Business of Designs

Business and design are two different entities that if worked together can do wonders. The design of the business podcast explores the multifaceted relationship between the two. 

With a heavy guest list on its side, the podcast helps in ensuring that the business gets pontificated to all the aspiring verticals of design. This podcast helps aspiring individuals to get connected with the experts and listen to their million-dollar value.


It again falls in the same vertical as the earlier one. Clever podcast keeps it useful for the designers and the entrepreneurs to understand and create a better realm of design for everyone. There are already many interesting episodes that cover the important pointers and talk about how illuminating this could be to make a healthier and vision-ahead process. 

Check their official podcast site or listen to them as they can help in making you a strong-headed individual and an entrepreneur. 

Venture Stories 

If you are planning to catch a hold over the billionaires and know what their journey looks like, think about choosing to listen to venture stories. The podcast helps in shadowing the lives of successful people who have been doing a tremendous job in their verticals. 

The amazing podcast is known to create its own space owing to its different and dynamic multitude altogether. If you are or are planning to go ahead with venture stories, you are thinking it right. It is going to be one life-changing experience for you. 

Jugnoo’s Take on it

Listening to these podcasts help you to stay prepared and open to tackling and overcoming the struggle. We at Team Jugnoo totally believe in adding spirit and newness to the ideas. 

To achieve the same, it is important to surround yourself with experts. And listening to these podcasts is one of the wonderful ways to achieve the same. To know more about it, feel free to get connected with our experts and get things moving faster in the right direction. 

The final Thoughts 

As an entrepreneur, you need to develop certain capabilities in you. Starting with listening to these regular podcasts is one thing that can help in making sure that you are going in the right direction.

These podcasts and the business revolving discussions are a fair task that helps businesses to grow and scale while complying with their short-term and long-term goals. 

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