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Build your branded white-label carpool app with the #1 rideshare app development company to match the on-demand shared mobility needs.

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We help you catalyze your success with the help of our top-notch carpooling app development services.


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Launch your branded UberPool like rideshare software app for inter or intra-city travel businesses and help them reduce their spending & traffic congestions.

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Get customized carpool software for reliable & efficient employees & business travel and boost their efficiency, productivity & safety.

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Branded Passenger App

Get customizable & functional apps for iOS & Android platforms that enable a convenient & quick rideshare platform.

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    Flexible & Quick Bookings

    Offer your customers the convenience of quick cab booking in a matter of seconds with an intuitive passenger app UI.

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    Seamless Payment Options

    Multiple payment gateway integrations validate all payment methods for the convenience of the customers.

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    Real-Time Tracking

    Facilitate customers to track their rides in real-time to ensure convenient & hassle-free travelling.

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    Review and Ratings

    Let your customers describe their ride experience with our carsharing software. They can give ratings and reviews after every trip.

Carpool Service
Carpool Service

Branded Driver App

Manage your drivers and vehicles with our smart and advanced carpooling
software and instantly manage multiple bookings.

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    Track Rides

    In-App maps navigation provides the shortest route between pick up & drop locations. Customers can track drivers on a real-time basis.

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    Real-Time Matching

    Make it easy for your customers to search verified carpool rides using our intelligent advanced real-time match feature.

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    Track Earnings

    Drivers can track their daily trips & earnings right from our customized and comprehensive Driver App.

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    Safe and Secure

    Drivers can upload their personal information documents to provide users with their complete details for safer travelling.

Create your own rideshare app that is enhanced by powerful technology

Stay ahead with actionable data-driven insights that aid in improving business efficiency & accelerating
growth rate with ridesharing management software.

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    Manage Booking Requests

    View & manage multiple rides at the same instant with our easy-to-use advanced rideshare software.

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    Transaction Reports

    Jugnoo’s car sharing system authorizes drivers to view & track their payments & earnings at any instant.

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    Advanced Analytics

    Discover trends & pain points in operations by analyzing performance in the most reliable ridesharing platform.

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    Dynamic Pricing & Geoanalytics

    Offer tiered pricing structure according to the vehicles & enable the owner to change pricing as per the demand.

Carpool Service

Still Thinking About How to Build a Rideshare App?

Car Sharing System Enhanced by Powerful Technology

Streamline your daily rides operations and assets management with a powerful ridesharing platform. A complete suite of cloud-based software that automates every task - be it booking, payments, fleet management or data analytics.


Intelligent rideshare matching

Give users the ability to find rideshare matches along their commuting routes in seconds with our comprehensive rideshare software.


Pre-schedule feature

While you create your own rideshare app, don’t forget to give your customers a sense of flexibility to schedule a ride according to their time slot.


Multilingual app

Create your own rideshare app that supports a different set of languages. It will help in adding more potential customers to your rideshare business.


Real-time Alerts

Send automated real-time alerts & notifications to customers about their bookings, promotions, arrival & departure timings.


Secure navigation

Our carpool software is capable of offering route optimization and secure navigation without any glitch.


In-App Chat

We provide software in which the user and the rider can have a healthy conversation. The rider can get the information about the co-travellers precisely.

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Stay ahead with actionable data-driven insights that aid in improving business efficiency & accelerating
growth rate with ridesharing management software.

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