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Jugnoo - Car Rental

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Jugnoo - Car Rental

Operator Car Rental Platform

The rental offering allows a user to rent a self-driven car on an hourly basis. Customers can pick up cars from designated garages/ parking spots.

Key Features:
  • Multiple booking sources and locations
  • Seamless mobile app for drivers & customers
  • List admin's 500+ vehicles on the platform
Jugnoo - Car Rental

P2P Car Rental Marketplace

Launch the best platform that bridges the gap between car renters and car owners. Individual customer can rent their vehicle on the marketplace platform as a host.

Key Features:
  • Easy vehicle listing and verification for users
  • Approval or rejection of a request by host users
  • Vehicle options from different hosts at different rates
Jugnoo - Car Rental

Pickup & Drop Car Rental Platform

Offer your customers easy and convenient pick-up and drop-off service. Available for both P2P & Operator Car Rental Model.

Key Features:
  • Get a separate driver app to manage pickup & drop
  • Monitor all rental requests from the map view
  • Track the rental rides from a single dashboard

Customer App

Get customized white-labelled iOS & Android rideshare software apps to make renting a car fun & convenient

  • Verification of customer accounts
  • Advanced search filters for car type, price, mileage
  • Navigation to the pick-up location
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Ratings, reviews & feedback mechanisms
Jugnoo - Car Rental
Jugnoo - Car Rental

Customer + Host App on a single App for P2P Rental

Switch to the host app feature to ensure a seamless rental car listing experience with a powerful rideshare platform

  • Rent a vehicle or list your vehicle from 1 app
  • Offer & manage unlimited car listings
  • Message communication with the customer
  • Complete summary of all transaction details
  • Track daily bookings & earnings

Create Car Rental Website

Set up your car rental business online with a personalised Booking Website Link. Allow customers to edit their booking details on your website.

  • The website works for all 3 car rental models - Operator, P2P and Pick up & drop
  • Book vehicles 24/7
  • Advanced calendar settings
  • Automated SMS and email reminders
  • Mobile and Desktop friendly website
Jugnoo - Car Rental
Jugnoo - Car Rental

Admin Panel

Embed reliability & efficiency by corporate rideshare software and launch your car rental services

  • Manage bookings data & trip history
  • Manage customer & host profiles
  • Real-time alerts to customers & hosts
  • Document management for customers & hosts

Driver App for Pick Up & Drop Rental

Admin can dispatch a driver to drop the vehicle at the customer’s location and instantly manage multiple bookings.

  • Give relevant details like passenger info & pickup details to your drivers
  • Drivers can mark their availability as online/offline at any time in the app
  • In-App maps navigation provide the shortest route between pick up & drop locations
  • Drivers can track their daily trips & earnings right from their Driver App
  • Drivers can easily start & end rides through Driver's app with a single tap
Jugnoo - Car Rental
Jugnoo - Car Rental

Dispatcher Dashboard for Driver

Manage scheduling, dispatching, tracking & monitoring from the Dispatcher dashboard

  • Automate dispatching workflow
  • Marking drop-off zones through geofencing
  • Manage payments & set commissions
  • Third-party platform integrations
  • Get actionable insights based on data

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Jugnoo - Car Rental

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Jugnoo - Car Rental

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Online Payment Modes

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Instant Approval by Admin

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