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We have a super solution for you - A Super App for your digital store

  • Get a Seamless, Integrated, & Contextualized Experience by making Jugnoo your technology partner and become a superhero in your industry.
  • Get a closed ecosystem of multiple apps & offer an absolute experience to your customers.
  • Why maintain individual passwords and switch through a library of apps to find the one that does just one task when you can have one app that does it all?

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Why do you need a Marketplace?

  • Scalable business model
  • Access to marketing data
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Access to more customers
  • Higher business process automation
  • Ease in operations
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Ready to become a Superhero?

Keep up the pace with the recent market trends that consumers expect in the market today. Jugnoo’s super app comes with a set of super features to help you become a market leader.
  • Open data and APIs

    Integrate data from diverse sources and get a 360-degree view of customers

  • Data and Analytics Proficiency

    Get a real-time, self-service, and easy to interpret data analysis report

  • Get Responsive Designs

    A simple UI that lets you leverage the platform’s entire capabilities

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